Pintô Art Museum and Arboretum presents rotating exhibitions of the foundation’s collection and oversees an adjacent gallery space that continues to exhibit and promote contemporary Filipino artists.

  • Brain Break: JC Intal 7

    Pintô Art Museum, in collaboration with ArtistSpace, proudly presents Brain Break, the latest exhibition featuring the lush, chromatically vibrant, and…

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  • SugatSarado: Lynard Paras

    Nakapinid na pintoAng sugatKung saan tumatagosAng malamlam na apoyNg kaluluwa. Bitbit nitoAng isang mapusyawNa lamparaSa mabagal na paglalakbaySa kaibuturan. Sa…

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  • Undisturbed Gaze: Billie Jean

    In her exhibition, Undisturbed Gaze, Billie Jean invites us into a world where color takes center stage, where abstraction meets…

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